Woodland Texas Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation saves You Money! If you’re like most residents of Woodland Texas, annual utilities of $1500 each year are not uncommon. Would you like to cut this cost in half? It’s what the Department of Energy estimates that a well insulated home saves. Imagine college saving being equal to utility savings, insulating today could pay for her first year in college with 15 years savings! Foam insulation gives comfort to a home by eliminating drafts. If you live in a drafty, older Woodland Texas home, insulation is the answer. Our Lapella spray foam insulation keeps the temperatures in your home more consistent and comfortable all year long. By eliminating drafts, spray insulation due to sealing, improves your home’s air quality. Our Lapella spray foam insulation offers protection against moisture. It prevents the growth of mold and mildew. It also seals up fixtures sockets, ductwork, and other areas where unseen cracks. It stops pollen, dust, and other allergens from leaking into your house. All while providing the highest r value insulation! Sealing with spray foam insulation offers many benefits. Open cell spray foam is used in attics. We also can install a thermal barrier to prevent moisture, however, open cell foam insulation is designed to allow moisture to seep away from the roof. It does not trap moisture. There would be nothing worse than an expensive roof replacement because your insulation contractor used the wrong insulation for attics and roofs. Open cell is specifically designed for roofs. Closed cell foam insulation is used in outer walls, sub floors and crawlspaces. In the humid Houston weather, closed cell foam seals out moisture thus eliminating mold and mildew that is common in dark damp crawlspaces. In the south raised home can experience problems with sub floor wood taking on moisture. Closed cell spray insulation seals the wood in sub floor protecting the wood making it long lasting. Closed cell spray foam is also a deterrent for termites and bugs. Moist wood is a termites delight and foam insulation seals and repels termites. No other Woodland Texas spray foam insulation company can provide the solutions and services that 360 Thermal Insulation Contractors does. From evaluations and estimates to energy conservation and production, we’re your one stop shop for energy efficiency. Call or email 360 Thermal insulation Contractors today for a complete free home energy audit. Let’s get started on your home energy savings plan!