Spray Foam for Galveston Texas Homes by 360 Thermal

Residential spray foam experts, 360 Thermal of Houston serves the Galveston Texas area for all of their commercial and residential insulation needs. Choosing spray foam insulation for your home offers you mold protection, energy efficiency and financial savings. Galveston’s top insulation contractor 360 Spray foam insulation will install foam insulation, cellulose insulation, open cell spray foam for attics and roofs as well as closed cell insulation. 360 Thermal installs spray foam insulation , open and closed cell insulation, and injection foam insulation as a sound proof barrier. The difference between closed cell foam is where the cells of the polyruethane are closed to prevent air and moisture from sinking into the spray foam. This give spray foam a stronger R value do to the vapor barrier it creates. The benefiting factor with closed cell spray foam it also prevents moisture from penetrating floors and subfloors. This prevents costly repairs from mold and moisture in humid south Texas area. Closed cell spray foam works so well that FEMA now recommends it as a flood damage prevention measure. It is the highest r value insulator for floors and walls. Open cell spray foam insulation is recommended for roofs and attics. It is filled with tiny air holes that allow moisture to seep away from roofs which prevents wood rot or roof damage. It does a great job of keeping your interior heating and cooling inside your home making your home easy to heat and cool. Call Matt O’Conner of 360 Thermal for your home energy audit and insulation upgrade today.