Galveston Spray Foam Insulation Fights Humidity and Saves Energy 360 Thermal

Are you considering wall insulation upgrade? It can be a challenge to install in finished homes so first it’s best to ensure your exterior walls are air sealed. Most homes walls are already insulated; however, air still leaks are common around outlets, window trim, and other cracks and gaps. A 360 Thermal home energy audit with a blower door test will tell you where there is air infiltration well as where wall insulation is not doing the job. Once identified, these leaks and be sealed by a contractor to make your home more energy efficient. Non insulated doors is another area that can pose a problem for heat and cooling loss. Injection spray foam easily does the job to make these energy losers into energy stoppers. If you are building a new home or doing major renovations, it’s easier to properly insulate them walls and doors with spray foam insulation. This hardened foam provides a permanent thermal and air barrier that never settles, degrades, or loses R-value. In fact, it is the highest rated r value of insulation. SPF seals out moisture and seals air drafts to give you a comfortable energy efficient home. Call Galveston’s insulation experts 360 Thermal for cost saving insulation and a home energy audit today.