Keeping your Cypress Tx attic dry from Condensation with spray foam insulation

Anyone living in Cypress Texas hot humid climate has experienced condensation in their attics. The solution to attic condensation is open cell spray foam insulation. Attic with batt or fiberglass insulation can still have condensation problems. This is caused by humid outdoor air coming in contact with cold surfaces in the attic that fiberglass insulation does not insulate effectively. Cold surfaces are usually cooling ducts and cool air penetrations through the ceiling if cool interior thermostats are set. The attic air dew point can be higher than the outdoor air dew point because moisture stored in the wood roof framing structures at night is released during the day.
The greatest problem with attic condensation will occur during the daytime when the air conditioning system operates for long periods, causing supply ducts and ceiling areas are cold. Spray foam insulation keeps your attic temperature close to your interior home temperature. It stops the interior attic air from heating up to excessive temperatures and prevents your air condition from constantly running. Matt O’Conner of 360 Thermal are the Spray Foam Insulation experts for Cypress Tx. Give 360 Thermal a call for a free energy evaluation.