spray foam insulation conroe texas by 360 thermal of houston texas

360 Thermal 15700 Export Plaza Dr., Suite C, Houston, TX 77032 713-588-3626 uses foam lok spray foam insulation. It is the top spray foam insulation product on the market. Foam lok spray foam lives up to the name. It seals out drafts and outside air penetrating into your home. It seals out moisture acting like a moisture barrier for your home. Foam lok also seals out termites and carpet ants that can be destructive to your home’s sub floor and joists. Matt O’Conner is the top insulation contractor in Houston. Matt only uses product that will give the homeowner the maximum insulation r value thus saving thousands in utility bills over the life of the home. 360 Thermal can make that claim as true because spray foam insulation does not sag or deteriorate over time. Foam insulation last for the life of the home. Whether you are looking to upgrade your insulation or are purchasing insulation for when building a new home. Spray insulation is the product that gives you the best quality for all insulation products. Especially when first enjoying your new home, you expect to not have a drafty new house. You expect to have warm floors in the winter and cool floors in the summer. Spray foam insulation will make you feel like you have built that multi million dollar home without spending quite that much money in building costs. Open cell spray foam is suited for the attic and interior walls. It seals out outside temperatures while sound proofing your home. Closed cell spray foam is used in sub floors, basements, and crawlspaces. Closed cell cures to a dense moisture barrier for your home. This is important in sub floors and crawlspaces where moisture levels can be high. A crawlspace should have less than 17% moisture content in the air. If it is higher than 17% then there is the moisture level that will grow mold and mildew. This will rot the sub floor and can cup your interior floors. In southeastern Texas and down along the coast in cities like Galveston, controlling your moisture content under your home is a necessity. Spray foam insulation is an inexpensive means of maintaining your subfloors and preventing high moisture content from damaging your sub floors.