spray foam insulation contractors conroe texas by 360 thermal

Why would Conroe Tx residents choose spray foam insulation? The first is that spray foam insulated homes are sealed tighter than other new homes. The second is that spray foam insulated homes encapsulate furnaces ducts when installing for new construction or upgrading insulation. Third, spf insulation seals out drafts, moisture, and nasty wood eating bugs. The average home in America built in the last 20 years has the air inside of the house is replaced by outside air from either vents or drafts roughly every 90 minutes in leaky homes and up to roughly every three hours in homes that have been weather sealed. Homes with spray foam insulation installed experience an exchange of air every five to 10 hours. The reduction in heating and cooling loads can be as high as 50%, and the increased comfort is substantial. Matt O’Connor 360 Thermal Houston says to maintain the best indoor air quality in an home insulated with spray foam insulation, additional venting may need to be installed to bring in fresh air. Call Matt O’Connor, 360 Thermal to give you best recommendation when upgrading or replacing insulation with spray foam insulation. Conroe Tx residents need to call for your free energy audit from 360 Thermal, the insulation experts in southeast Texas.

SPF works wonderfully and will reduce your air conditioning cost over the summer, however, the conduction or air flow must be maintained with a % of outside air to keep indoor air healthy. Talk to the top rated Houston spray foam insulation contractor at 360 Thermal how your home should be properly ventilated to ensure quality indoor air.