Conroe Homeowner installs Spray Foam Insulation

We recommend open cell spray foam for roof insulation and attic insulation. Open cell foam insulation is also installed in a homes interior walls. Exterior walls are best suited for closed cell spray foam insulation because it seals out moisture, air drafts, and bugs. If you home has a moisture problem in the basement or crawl space, closed cell foam insulation has the highest r value of all insulations. It is easy to install and will stop the damp musty smell coming from your basement or crawl space. Moisture content under your home should be less than 17% moisture. If it is higher call 360 Thermal to get a moisture reading of your basement or crawl space. Then Matt O’Conner, a trained insulation expert, will be able to recommend the best insulation for basements and crawl spaces. Saving your sub floor from moisture which causes wood rot in the joists of your crawl space and can cause buckling of your interior floors. Wood floors can cause cupping and crowning hardwood floor when there is high moisture reading in your crawl space or basement. The same can be said with uninsulated roof deck. Insulated attic will save you money in utility bills. Open cell spray foam can stop your hot attic from making your air condition run constantly. It will keep your interior home temperature cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Call 360 Thermal for a free energy audit at 713-588-3626