Upgrading Insulation Houston

The greater Houston area can be hit hard by heavy rainfall that causes flooding. If you have taken your home down to the wall studs and are replacing moisture damaged insulation, we recommend 360 Thermal spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation will seal out moisture and has classified spray foam insulation as a flood resistant material by FEMA. Spray foam protects a home’s sub floor and walls. Closed cell spay foam insulation cures to a solid material that does not allow moisture to penetrate a home’s sub floor and beams. When applied in outer walls, closed cell also seals out moisture. For example, if you home is unfortunate to be flooded, the drywall will take on moisture, however, when spray foam insulation has been installed, the interior wood framing studs will remain dry, undamaged by flood waters. The flooded home with spray foam insulation will not require the extensive mold remediation of a home without spray foam insulation. Imagine an application of spray foam insulation on a home’s sub floor. After the flood water recede, the home’s sub joists and beams will be dry and free of mold. There will be no need for crawl space blowers running for hours to dry your sub floor. This is another expense that will be alleviated when using spray foam insulation. It will be a winning situation for the homeowner due to a reduced remediation expense.
It is also a win situation for the homeowner because they will be back in their home quicker. It will be a warm cozy home thanks to spray foam insulation. It will ease the worry and drama of living through a south Texas flood.
Spray foam insulation is the highest rated r-value insulation. Homeowners will realize a 50% decrease in utilities when using SPF insulation. Attics and roofs should have open cell spray foam applied because as a roof ages leaks may occur and you want moisture to move away from the roof. Open cell foam is exactly what it says, it has open cells or air pockets that allow moisture to travel through those cells.
Insulation is applied by 360 Thermal Spray foam expert spray foam team. It is important to have a trained spray foam installer install spray foam insulation. Our years of experience and spray foam installer training makes 360 Thermal the top rated spray foam installer in Houston Tx. 360 Thermal does the spray foam job right. Unlike some from other companies our energy guard foam insulation is the best insulation to keep your home draft free and moisture free. Our synergy spray foam insulation takes pride in doing the job correctly. We consider our team the grand prairie professional spray foam installers of our great state. SPF will give you the smart foam and accurate temperature inside your home. The home will be without wall, window, and floor drafts and you won’t have to worry about mold or termites with spray foam insulation.