Closed cell SPF

360 Thermal Spray Foam Contractors Houston 15700 Export Plaza Dr., Suite C, Houston, TX 77032 713-588-3626 (FOAM) SPF gives energy savings and creates a safe non-toxic healthy home. And unlike fiberglass insulation, spray foam does not carry a cancer warning label. 360 Thermal spray foam is completely safe and nontoxic and does not contain any Urea Formaldehyde, CFC’s or HCFC’s. Spray foam is generally safe to use around environmentally and chemically sensitive people who are allergy prone. People with allergies are increasing today. Spray foam doesn’t breakdown into harmful dust like other insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose. Spray foam insulation is a true air barrier. SPF prevents pollen and spores from entering the home and warm moist air mixing with cold surfaces, creating conditions that cause toxic mold and mildew. This is why the American Lung Association’s model home uses spray foam. Why not model your home as a healthy home with spray foam insulation. Attics are where heat escapes and using open cell foam insulation will lower your utility costs. Sub floors and crawl spaces allow drafty damp moldy air to seep up and make your interior floors cold and if unlucky musty smelling. This can be prevented with closed cell spray foam. Encapsulating your heating and cooling ducts saves energy. The heat is contained within the ducts making your furnace work less and making your home more energy efficient.
Suburban home are protected more from wind than your rural home. Older homes are drafty and need an insulation upgrade. Closed cell foam insulation can make that old home feel new without drafts and cold floors.