Here at the 360 THERMAL Blog, we’ve discussed the long list of benefits of having spray foam insulation in your home or business. It’s easy to understand how spray foam insulation makes your home safer and more efficient — but there are plenty of benefits that help your wallet just as much as your home.

In this blog, our spray foam insulation contractors in Houston share their thoughts on how spray foam insulation can save you money now and in the future. It might seem like an expensive investment to start, but spray foam insulation can pay for itself and then some!

High ROI

It’s not the most glamorous home improvement, and it probably doesn’t come to mind before a new kitchen or a brand new master suite. However, spray foam insulation upgrades offer a high average ROI for home remodeling projects, according to a 2017 report by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Realtors. Insulation upgrades offer an average return of 76 percent — an ROI that only pales in comparison to new roofing (109 percent ROI), hardwood floor refinishing (100 percent), new wood floors (91 percent), new garage doors (87 percent), new fiber cement siding (83 percent), and new vinyl windows (79 percent). It’s a much better bang for your buck than a kitchen renovation (62 percent) or even a bathroom renovation (50 percent).

Ultimately, static ROI doesn’t tell the entire story when it comes to savings from spray foam insulation upgrades. In the right circumstances, spray foam insulation can pay for itself completely and then some.

Increased Energy Efficiency

While a new kitchen or bathroom looks great, spray foam insulation offers major energy savings for your home or business. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), up to 40 percent of all energy is wasted due to poor insulation — which means savings could be massive (and much greater than the cost of spray foam insulation) over three to five years.

There can be major savings for HVAC systems, too. The better your home or business is insulated, the easier time your HVAC will have to work to achieve the perfect temperature — and that can add years back onto the lifespan of your system. It’s almost like spray foam insulation makes you money in the long run.

Boosted Property Values

While a lot homeowners are looking for a beautiful, turn-key home that doesn’t need any fixes, most would rather find a home that has good bones rather than aesthetic value. While new wood floors can really catch the eye of potential homebuyers, it’s phrases like “a brand new roof,” “updated plumbing,” and “spray foam insulation” that really give homeowners peace of mind during their shopping process.  

New spray foam insulation can also be a great selling point because it helps homes rate higher in a variety of energy efficiency tests and rating systems, such as the HERS Index. It’s almost 50 percent more effective at improving energy efficiency than traditional insulation. Even if your floors are a little dated or the backyard is a little small, shoppers will love how your home will save them money and keep them comfortable for years to come.

Decreased Likelihood of Mold Damage

Spray foam insulation acts as a near-impermeable barrier that keeps moisture out — something traditional insulation has struggled with over the years. If your roofing materials fail, your attic’s rolled foam could become saturated with water, which will create a breeding ground for mold. The more moisture and mold you have, the more likely it will be for your home to suffer from structural damage.

A small mold problem can cost you around $2,000 to fix, which is a similar price to that of a spray foam insulation installation, depending on the size of your home. But what about a full-on structural repair because of failed insulation and structural damage? It could cost you $30,000 or more to set things straight.

Spray foam insulation is incredibly effective at keeping moisture out of your home. It creates an impermeable, watertight seal for attics and crawlspaces, and it won’t absorb water in the event of a flood like traditional foam insulation does. Plus, it’s made of an inert polymer that won’t become a source of “food” for mold and bacteria. With spray foam insulation, you’re protecting your home and giving yourself incredible peace of mind.

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