When it comes to insulation, spray foam is the best choice.

There are many kinds of insulation you could choose for your home or business in Houston, but when you want the most bang for your buck, SPF insulation is, hands down, the best option. Foam insulation comes with a number of benefits, and in our last blog, our insulation contractors went over just a few of them. Here are a few more benefits that come with choosing spray foam insulation for your home or commercial building:

#4. It deters mold.

In our last blog, we talked about how SPF insulation is impermeable to water, but it doesn’t stop there. The inert polymer that polyurethane insulation is composed of provides no food source for bacteria or mold, which means that it deters the growth of mold. For the best mold resistance, choose closed-cell insulation rather than open-cell insulation.

#5. It is long-lasting.

Spray foam can come with a hefty, upfront investment, but it’s well worth it, especially when you consider the fact that it has an indefinite lifespan. Not only does spray foam insulation last a long time, it also continues to perform at an optimal level.  Home and businesses that invest in open cell or closed cell foam insulation can enjoy the benefits of it for years to come.

#6. It’s eco-friendly.

SPF insulation makes homes and businesses more eco-friendly by reducing energy consumption. Its mold and moisture resistance also makes it eco-friendly, along with its impressive lifespan. When you want an eco-friendly insulation option, there’s no better option than polyurethane foam insulation.

Are you ready to start experiencing the many benefits of SPF in your home or business? If so, it’s time to contact the  spray foam insulation contractors at 360 THERMAL. Contact us today to get started.